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In light of the evolution of the means of communication and progress of modern technology the world has become a global village, which increases the burden on any company or investment and brings us from the area of domestic competition to a global one that requires new business strategies that match the importance of quality or quality. View details »

The lack of possession of sufficient information or reliance on false information represents the most common cause of the sinking of large-scale projects. Where the occurrence of an unexpected change in working conditions or the market may lead to negative results up as devastating as crisis in the financial liquidity and undermine the economic power of any investment . View details »

And this service includes a full range services provided by our team of experts who are willing to help you in the areas you need to improve their efficiency of performance . your investment may need for these improvements in a particular department or it may require more drastic measures. View details »

We Dimensions Company specialize management consultancy develop accurate BUSINESS MODEL relies on the fact that information to help you identify customers who should be targeted segments and what are the offers that can be made and how to ensure Tosaliha and whether it should provide more than a display and the amount of profit to be derived View details »

Saudi Market Studies

The total value of shares traded for the month ending 31 August 2015 amounted to SAR 116.28 billion, increasing by 37.76% over the previous month; while total stock market capitalization reached SAR 1,685.51 billion at the end of this period, decreasing.... View details »

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  • Saudi telecom regulator seeks restraints in cloud computing

    Monday 25 July,2016

    The Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC), Saudi Arabia’s telecommunications regulator, has announced the release of a public consultation on its proposed regulation of cloud computing. The primary objective of the proposed new regulations is to create a favorable environment to foster the provision and development of cloud computing services in the Kingdom. In common with other nations, Saudi Arabia’s companies and citizens are increasingly reliant on cloud services. Potential risks include confidentiality, reliability and national security. To address some of these concerns, and to increase IT investor and business confidence, CITC … more

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Our Mission is to support and drive the highest levels of innovation. Our business practice is based on an ongoing pursuit, build-up and sharing of knowledge: our continuous and joint efforts to do so comprise our greatest asset and strength.

Adhering to this mission and achieving it requires the highest levelsof passion, performance and professionalism. The higher we set our sights and standards, the better we can serve our clients and target clients...